Applied methods for surface treatment
  • Automatic line for powder coating Magic Cylinder ITW
  • Wet caoting booth
  • Galvanic treatments
Technical parameters of the line:
  • Dimensions
    Width: 700 mm
    Height: 1500 mm
    Length: 2200 mm
  • Pre-treatment with ferric phosphate
  • Powder: epoxy-polyester

The coating line is highly flexible and enables the change of colours within 20 minutes. The coating processes are repeatable at any time and can be proved via protocol; the formula is available at any time. Maximum load 60 kg/m.

Technical parameters of coating cell:

  • Dimensions: 4000 × 3500 × 3000 mm
  • Drying temperature: 60 °C
  • Colours: acrylic, epoxy, PUR

Prášková a mokrá lakovna

 Prášková a mokrá lakovnaPrášková a mokrá lakovna