Eco C Compact 70P

Producer: Dürr Ecoclean GmbH

Year of manufacture: 2017

The cleaning device Eco C Compact 70P is intended exclusively for cleaning, degreasing and parts preservation from:

Metal (steel, aluminum, colored metal)

Plastics (if the durability is tested)

Glass that is contaminated with:

organic dirt (oil, grease, etc.) or

inorganic dirt (chips, dust, etc.)

Cleaning medium: Dowclene 1601

Maximal weight of charge: 75 KG

Duration of cleaning cycle depends on the parts and the amount of contamination.


Cleaner with water as medium, with ultrasonic device

Producer: KKS Ultraschall AG

Year of manufacture: 1976

The cleaner with water as medium is designed to clean small parts with water as medium. The capacity of the basket in the cleaning chamber is 35kg. The unit has got two tanks with 120 liters volume. The second tank is designed for short term conservation (coating) with the dry solid film lubricant Gleitmo 605. The unit also comprises an ultrasonic device for improved surface cleaning.



Compact 80C

Produce: Dürr Ecoclean GmbH

Year of manufacture: 1996

We use the unit Compact 80C for the preservation of metal parts

(steel, aluminium, other non-ferrous metals).

Conservation medium (f.e.): Anticorrit MPC 5000

Maximum mass of charge: 70 KG