Welding machines, Mig method with consumable electrode

Welding wire diameter 0,6; 0,8; 1,2; 1,6 mm

Machines Migatronic

  • 2 pcs Automig 180Xe
  • 1 pc Automig 223
  • 1 pc Automig 273
  • 3 pcs KIT 200
  • 1 pc KIT 450 cooled with water
  • 1 pc WEGA 401 cooled with water
Welding machines for Fe and stainless sheet metal welding up to maximum thickness of 4 mm.

Welding machines, Tig method, with non-consumable electrode

For welding with DC and AC current – Fe, stainless sheet metal, aluminium.

Machines Fronius

  • 1 pc Fronius magic wave 2000
    For welding with DC current (Fe, stainless sheet metal)

Machines KIT

  • 1 pc KITin 1700 HF
  • 1 pc KITin 1900 HF

Welding up to the thickness of maximum 4 mm. These operations can be followed by grinding, polishing, or the electro-chemical removal of surface heat-colouring on stainless sheet metals.

Resistance welding

For welding of sheet metal with the thickness of 0,5 to 5 mm by resistance heat. Welding of low-carbon steel, stainless and high-alloy steel.

Resistance welding machines:

  • Spot welder WBP 40 SD 06
  • Spot welder BP 25.11 and BP 50.11
  • Spot welder BN 8 and BN 10.23


For welding of parts from FE, stainless steel and aluminium including its alloys. The thinnest possible thickness of the material is 0,6 mm. It is mostly being used to weld-on stud bolts

Capacitor discharge welding machines:

  • Nelson N 10
  • NOMARK 88 D